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Building shelter for the extreme poor one cup at a time.


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Why Global Giving

Kevin is our Why!


Global Giving - Day 2 of our missions trip was to Chinandega, Nicaragua.  This city is located on the border with Honduras and is known as the hottest place in Central America.  The people here live in extreme poverty and this is one of the cities where King's Ransom is giving back by building homes for the extreme poor.  Here is where I met Kevin, he lives in the dumps, doesn’t go to school, and he was very reserved.  It was a challenge to learn about him but I continued to minister to him and over a period of time I saw this boy open up, chains falling and finally a smile a glimmer of hope.  Kevin touched my heart so deeply that I knew I had to do something.  No one should live like this.  No child, no man, no woman and all I could think of was “how can I help”.   We needed to help. 

God had a plan

This is my amazing husband David.  He was rushed to the hospital the day following our visit to Chinandega.  They thought he had a stroke.  He could barely walk, couldn't talk and was not comprehending anything.  Thankfully it wasn't a stroke, it was severe dehydration and they kept us in the hospital for 26 hours.  Here is where we met Ana, our translator and her husband Osmin.   The relationship begins.

The idea

Days following I woke up with a plan, spoke to David and we reached out to Osmin and Ana.  Cup of Love was formed within weeks.  100% of the profits is poured back into Nicaragua and dedicated to helping build shelter for the  extreme poor.   You can help to, all you need to do is drink a cup of delicious coffee brewed from award-winning Nicaraguan coffee beans.  Every cup is truly a Cup of Love.  

Our Mission



Cup of Love supports a small plantation located in  Monsonte, Nueve Segovia, Nicaragua.  The plantation is run by a local farmer and his wife and they employ many local farmers.  When not working the plantation they provide free medical to the underprivileged hard to reach areas.

Dedicated to Quality!

Award-winning Arabic coffee Nicaragua has to offer.   Our coffee comes from Monsonte, Nueve Segovia which is 4,757 feet (1450 meters) above sea level and is of SHG (Strictly High Grown) quality.  

SHG simply means the coffee was grown at high altitudes, which allows the bean to develop slower, resulting in a denser high quality bean. 

Giving Back


Nicaragua touched our hearts and we are dedicated to giving back to this nation.  Cup of Love was formed specifically for this reason.   We have a goal to build two homes our first year.  

We donate 100% of our profits

and through the partnership with King's Ransom 100% of what we donate goes to the extreme poor.

Stay tuned, e-book is coming!  

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Changing Lives

 This young man's livelihood is dependent on other people's trash. He survives on salvaged trash, searching for items to sell, shelter, food, clothing, etc.   He is one of many that touched our hearts and we our on a mission to give back and are looking forward to building many homes, feeding the poor and helping the orphaned.    

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